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A collection of custom made furniture having both the Nordic stamina and quality and the Italian lightness and elegance: La Famiglia.

La Famiglia is a comprehensive collection and ranges from dining tables to benches with beautiful leather cushions, to coffee tables, conference tables and desks. All furniture is custom made and is available in a broad range of wooden materials.

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La Grande Mamma

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La Grande Mamma holds room for 22 sitting people, tapping into the Italian idiom of a large, lively family, but it can be made in any size suitable for the indvidual purpose and customer. It is custom made in an array of wooden materials like smoked oak, stained oak and wenge, and the finish can be raw or almost mirror like as the result of several layers of fine lacquer. The Casa Christina products are entirely made in Denmark at Gribskov Inventarsnedkeri whos clientes includes : Novo, Mærsk, The Danish National Bank, The Danish National Opera and Rosendal.


Family, food and friends are at the heart of the Italian way of life - and derived values, such as a strong sense of community and togetherness, are at the core of the Copenhagen based company Casa Christina. Being the first item of an entire family of furniture to come, this large wooden table captures the universe and embraces “la famiglia” - both the collection and the ones in real life. Of course the name of the table is La Grande Mamma.

“I designed ‘La Grande Mamma’ for my house in Sicily many years ago. To me the table represents togetherness and happy times - words deeply connected to my own family - hence the name La Famiglia. My Danish family could easily be Italian. In fact we are maybe even more Italian than most Italians. And being married to an Italian and having had his family around the past 22 years, I have a lot of first hand experience on family gatherings, giant lunches and lively dinners - and needed a spacious table to connect us all,”
says designer Christina Brangstrup Arnoldi Coffa


Custom made - the details

The wooden materials can be selected from
a broad range of high-end veneer:

  1.  Walnut - Natural
  2.  Oak - Stained
  3.  Oak - Stained
  4.  Smoked Oak - Oiled
  5.  Smoked Oak - Lacquered
  6.  Oak - Natural
  7.  Oak - Black Stained - High Gloss Lacquered
  8.  Ash - Natural
  9.  Maple - Natural

Custom made from:  Price on request
Production: 8-10 weeks
Length: up to 6 meters, width: up to 1.5 meters


Casa Christina offers architectural and interior consulting and makes luxury wooden furniture. The company stands for outstanding traditional craftsmanship, innovative design, contemporary functionality, and the highest quality materials. Casa Christina has an uncompromising and ethical approach to manufacturing, is driven by strong values and makes decisions based on profound knowledge and experience. Casa Christina was founded by Danish designer and interior decorator Christina Brangstrup Arnoldi Coffa - a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Christina is today working as an interior consultant - her international signature style gracing a long list of homes and commercial spaces. La Famiglia is her first furniture collection.

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Nordic design tradition

Brought up in Denmark, and having spent half her life in Italy, owner of and designer at Casa Christina, Christina Brangstrup Arnoldi Coffa, has a dual design citizenship: she is dedicated to the natural materials, handcrafted furniture and sensuous textures connected to a Nordic design tradition. At the same time she values the Italian larger-than-life approach to creating spaces that are more amore and less average. For Christina Brangstrup Arnoldi Coffa that results in furniture having both the Nordic stamina and quality and the Italian lightness and elegance: La Famiglia.

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Tel: +45 28875289

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